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Williamhawk Offline

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26.12.2017 11:46
Glitch in Minisode2 or not? just want to make sure... antworten

Hello Everyone,

since I get the news that Finding Paradise was delayed for some reason, I just got the two minisodes running again (especially 2), trying to make some new interpretations... And then, as I noticed, these text-boxes are - not as usual - BLUE. As far as I know, blue text-boxes were used to represent someone on telephone or the system sound and so on...

Are they supposed to be blue or was that, somehow, just a Glitch?

This also refers to the black point on the left wall. I think it was the hard end of the broom, since I can remember that I might have seen a poster showing the broom "in right way" in that scene, which i can't find now, but I am asking just for "security".

Please help.

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