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Williamhawk Offline

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30.12.2017 09:27
Black rectangle on TV screen antworten

I have always resisted video games. (It's hard enough to turn off the box without added attractions.) So I don't know anything about them. I have basic cable; we need that for any reception at all, but that's it.

A couple weeks ago my daughter's friend brought over a Playstation 2 before I got home from work and hooked it up. I guess they played for a while but I never saw the game in action. Since then, and even though the game is completely unhooked from the television, there is always a black rectangle that takes up most of the bottom half of the screen. It goes away when you change channels, but it always comes back. This is the main TV in the house and it's very difficult to watch. (This may be a good thing in disguise.)

We have unhooked and re-hooked all the connections (without the Playstation), even unplugging the TV from the wall. The box remains. Any suggestions?
Please help.

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